As seen in Darpan Magazine … Mother & Daughter fashion show coverage!
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As seen in Darpan Magazine … Mother & Daughter fashion show coverage!

After months of planning, organizing and working alongside a wonderful friend and owner of Bombay Collection, Ateefa Azad; I cannot begin to express how much of an amazing experience this was. From the immense amout of attention to detail in styling, choreography, music, entertainment, scouting models, etc; pretty much the full works … we were determined to host one hell of a fashion show. And from the looks of it we sure did! 700+ guests attended the annual Mother & Daughter event and every women present was looking forward to Bombay Collection’s fashion show.

My personal experience and insight was definitely expressed through the feature I have written for Darpan Magazine:

What initially had started from a small collection of ladies fashion being sold from a basement suite ten years ago is a well renowned leading luxury boutique in our South Asian community today. Mother- daughter force Areefa and Ateefa Azad have established their business into a full scale retail store, located in Payal Business Centre, Surrey. Specializing in a range of ethnic wear from children’s fashion to custom bridal and accessories, Bombay Collection proudly celebrates a spectacular decade in business this year.

The Canadian Society of Fiji Muslims hosted their annual ‘Mother & Daughter Event’ on May 9th, 2014, at the Royal King Palace banquet hall. In support of breast cancer and dominance of women, Bombay Collection showcased yet another successful fashion show as an expression of gratitude to those who have supported their business in the last 10 years.
The fashion show extravaganza was split into four soulful segments of lachas, anarkalis and bridal wear, unified through a contemporary color story of beiges, neons, warm tones and cold tones. Every look on the runway accentuated its full glamour potential through sleek pulled back buns, prominent smoky eyes, a pink lip and tasteful statement accessories. The stunning women at the evening walked the runway in a choreographed manner through the finest tunes of Bollywood such as ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’, ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Drama Queen.’ ‘Malaang’ was that extra oomph factor; incorporated as a theatrical opening number and an empowering closing act. The show stopper outfit worn by model, Raveena Garcha was a dusty rose, bridal piece to embody breast cancer.
Consisting of many remarkable highlights of the evening, the fashion show was the most anticipated visual treat for every woman’s peepers. With a hard-working team of perfectionists, impressive models, flawless makeup looks and a mesmerized audience of 700+ ladies coming together in unity to support a wonderful cause and the importance of women, Bombay Collections fashion showcase was a grand success!