#OOTN | Devil wears BOMBAY Couture
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#OOTN | Devil wears BOMBAY Couture

After ages I attended a beautiful happily ever after celebration of an ex-worker of mine who tied the knot to her soul mate after 9 remarkable years! When she had first invited me to her wedding my response was “Its seriously ABOUT TIME and damn… what in the world am I going to wear!?” Of course  S T R E S S E D to the absolute T and considering I rarely get to wear Indian clothes, I had to either go fabulously big or simply stay home with my bra off, hair up and sweat pants on, binge watching Netflix while simultaneously stuffing my face with cookies and cream ice cream. AND fabulously big it was as soon as I quit being such a baby and payed a visit to my trusted luxury boutique space by the name of BOMBAY Couture.

BOMBAY Couture is the aristocracy store space owned by BOMBAY Collection specializing in matchless Indian clothing, phenomenal quality and exceptional customer service experiences. Whether you are a style innovator on the quest for a neck breaker statement piece, a woman of class opting for elegance and sophistication, a dare devil pushing the boundaries with something sultry in mind or a simple gal seeking for an outfit that falls under the category as this seasons ‘IT’ trend – TRUST when I say – BOMBAY Couture and BOMBAY Collection have got you covered.  The core difference between the two? BOMBAY Couture’s stunning garments and accessories cater specifically to all things bridal – from bridal wear to bridal parties and a whole range of customization options. The Nutella on top and what I personally admire about this business chain is that it is the brainchild of a single mother – daughter partnership that started nearly 10 years ago from their basement suit. Amaaazing right?! More phenomenal and great things coming for BOMBAY Couture; be sure to keep in the loop my loves!

As for the relevance of calling this post ‘Devil wears BOMBAY Couture’ … I would assume if the devil were to wear BOMBAY Couture; no questions asked this would be the outfit. Duh. The color combination. BUT also because I personally think that the devil would lean more towards an outfit with a unique flair, glitz and glam and sex appeal- palazzo bottoms, sheer arms and an ultra sexy back accented with black sequin, gold, red and black panels and extremely exquisite leaf like motifs. This fabulous devil’s beauty op would be implemented with a brilliant red lip, black eye shadow complemented with a bit of bronze, intense liner, wispy lashes, on fleek eyebrows, luscious and oh so voluminous locks and a red bindi from the marvelous ladies of A/S Fusion Studios. AND no I am not necessarily referring to myself as the devil, hence I would definitely channel a demon’s take on style over a seraph’s any day. Case rested.