If you have any questions or concerns not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

How long does a custom order take?

A non-bridal custom order take 6 to 8 weeks, although we can rush an order in 4 weeks depending on the outfit.  Our bridal custom order are always at its best when were given up to 3 months to finalize all details with the .  Although, we can also rush a bridal custom order within 6 weeks depending on the outfit.  Speak to our sales associates for further information in store or email us.  We’re happy to put your mind at ease.


When is the best time to place a custom order?

It’s always a great time to place a custom order at Bombay Couture!  Although, depending on our clients requirements and preferences this can vary.  When our clients want a break on the shipping and handling fees, we ask them to place an order sooner than later for us to bundle their orders with our regular shipments.


Are we getting new arrivals or something better than what you’ve currently fell in love with?

This is a constant battle for all our brides!  They fall in love with something a little too soon for their big day.  I usually recommend to all my brides that a newer bridal collection doesn’t necessarily mean you will find something you love even more than what you might have your heart set on.  Every season a new style or trend comes out and some brides love and some prefer the previous collection more.  It really depends on the style of the bride.  Are you a timeless, classic and traditional bride or a trendy bride who wants the latest fashion currently trending that season.  Sometimes a little bit of both is perfect and that is why we offer customizing our bridal wear to make the changes your heart desires for your big day.


What if I don’t like my custom order once it arrives?

At Bombay Couture, we never take an order where we feel like were taking a chance in not delivering what was promised.  If we feel like you are uneasy or unable to visualize the custom order after we have thoroughly explained every detail with you, we recommend you to not place the order.  We can always update you on our new arrivals for the store that might have what your trying to place an order for.  Unfortunately, once a custom order is placed, deposits are non-refundable and you are required to purchase the outfit if it has come as how you ordered it.


Do we carry Mens Wear or Children’s Wear?

Unfortunately, Bombay Couture carries no mens wear or children’s wear.  We carry a selected amount of mens apparel in our sister location, Bombay Collection.


Do we have an online store?

Yes, Please check it out for some great deals.


How do I find out what my size is?

Please check our Size Guide for more information.