Photoshoot Sneakpeak: Tribal Crossover feat. Jason Pillay
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Photoshoot Sneakpeak: Tribal Crossover feat. Jason Pillay

This past Sunday my fabulous, extremely sarcastic and ridiculously awesome cousin, Jason Pillay and I FINALLY coordinated (modelled, styled) in a photo-shoot together. This creative collaboration has been long overdue and after Vancouver Fashion Week SS15 we both came to the realization that our schedules are only going to get busier by the day; therefore, it only made sense to add more to our plates for the weekend and simply get her done!

Ha-ha let me just add… is it not pretty fantastic that I have a cousin who not only understands my line of work but also shares a strong mutual interest and is a part of the same industry as I am?! I mean how great is it that we attend events together, rant forever about our wardrobe malfunctions, laugh at the silliest things and obviously the both of us have bipolar syndrome – I’m totally kidding. In other words, we are just the same person and it really doesn’t get any better than that…

Our exceptional photographer on Sunday was Katherine Kingston who we met at VFW just this past season. Her work speaks for itself and she’s absolutely phenomenal at what she does! Throughout the duration of our shoot she gave us her opinion in styling, expressed so much sarcasm in the best way possible, catered to every specific request we had and overall was a down right amazing individual that Jason and I had the pleasurable opportunity of working with. And yes, I already mentioned but oh.em.gee she is phenomenal at what she does, check it:

As for hair and makeup, my saviour in the respected field of beauty and glamour – Amita Suranna from A/S Fusion Studio’s. Every time I pay a visit to Amita, she not only nails my vision in mind but takes the drama factor to a whole another level. And oh how I love drama! 😉 Jason and I had a ridiculously bold vision in mind for me when we had initially started planning for this shoot. We envisioned sexy, crazy lion hair, – (let’s not even get started on the process of how long I had to battle with the thick KNOTS in my hair while showering after an extremely long day, pretty epic) yellow and blue, tribal inspired eyes (lots of eyeliner, heavy lashes, bolder eyebrows, DRAMA!) and blue lipstick. Jason took care of his own makeup and hair incorporating yellow onto his lips and heavy kohl around his eyes. We were super impressed with the results of our beauty getup.

Concept – fusion, tribal crossover and I will leave it at that. Outfit and Wardrobe …. Three outfit changes incorporating leather, denim, fur and jewellery from Bombay Collection (a luxury, east indian boutique specializing in women’s wear, kids wear, bridal and accessories) If I elaborate more on the concept, I will definitely take away from the essence of the final edits; hence, I shall leave you all at the edge of your seats …

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